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Understanding GCC High, GCC and Commercial Microsoft 365


Understanding the differences between Microsoft 365 Commercial, GCC, and GCC High can have massive impacts on meeting the compliance requirements demanded of your organization. In this short video, we discuss which cloud environments meet which requirements, including ITAR, NIST 800-171, DFARS, FedRAMP Moderate, FedRAMP High, and CMMC. We also explain the difference between data residency and data sovereignty and how to meet your companies requirements in each of the different Microsoft Clouds. For more information on GCC and GCC High, check out our free eBook at: 🤍 Shout out to Richard Wakeman at Microsoft for his excellent articles on the Microsoft Public sector blog: 🤍

Microsoft 365 GCC vs GCC High


#Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) and Microsoft 365 GCC High have been the two versions of the Microsoft Government platform at the forefront of many discussions by aerospace and defense contractors approaching #CMMC, #DFARS 7012, and other federal cybersecurity mandates from the #DoD. In this video, Scott Edwards, Summit 7 CEO, discusses the pros and cons of using #GCC and #GCCHigh for DFARS 7012 and CMMC compliance. What is Microsoft 365 GCC High?: 🤍 What is Microsoft 365 GCC?: 🤍 Microsoft 365 GCC High Licensing: 🤍

Office 365 GCC High Overview and Compliance Strategy


In this presentation from the Aerospace and Defense team at Microsoft, Richard Wakeman discusses the merits of Microsoft's sovereign cloud offerings - namely Office 365 GCC High. The talk provides an origin behind the Platform as a Service (PaaS), definitions of Office 365/Microsoft 365 in the Government versions, what compliance requirements are driving businesses to the platform, and common misconceptions. Cloud Security and Compliance Series: 🤍 Do You Need GCC High For CMMC? 🤍 What Is Office 365 GCC High? 🤍 What Is Microsoft 365 GCC High? 🤍 Obtain licensing for Office 365 GCC High: 🤍 Subscribe to this YouTube Channel for updates on Microsoft Government Cloud services and product updates. LinkedIn: 🤍

Office 365 GCC High Migration Secrets EXPOSED! - Everything You Need To Know


CMMC Registered Practitioner and President of On Call Computer Solutions Exposes The Secrets Of Migrating To Office 365 GCC High And What You Must Know About Making The Move

Microsoft 365 GCC and GCC High Eligibility - How To


This video provides quick instructions on starting the Microsoft eligibility process. The eligibility application can be found at the link below. 🤍 Once you have the email confirming eligibility from Microsoft, you can forward it to (info🤍 or visit the following pages to obtain a Microsoft/Office 365 GCC High licensing quote. Obtain Licensing GCC High: 🤍 GCC: 🤍 Complimentary Blog: 🤍 #Microsoft365 #GCCHigh #MicrosoftGov #DoD

Why is Microsoft 365 GCC High More Expensive?


This video explains the differences between the US-sovereign cloud version of the Microsoft 365 platform vs commercial and more. Many business and IT leaders in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) are exploring the benefits of migrating to Microsoft 365 GCC High - or Office 365 GCC High - and in the process have many questions about licensing. One of the most common questions arising in initial exploratory conversations is around price. GCC High is undoubtedly more expensive than other 'versions' of the platform, but there are common misconceptions around why. Microsoft Gov Cloud and CMMC Webinar The Summit 7 Team will present Microsoft Government Cloud and CMMC Updates on Wednesday, July 15 at 10:00 AM CDT. You can register for the webinar here: 🤍 What is Office 365 GCC High? 🤍 What is Microsoft 365 GCC High? 🤍 Do You Need GCC High for CMMC? 🤍 Original Blog 🤍 #GCCHigh #O365GCCHigh #M365GCCHigh

Microsoft O365 GCC High Implementation


Need Microsoft O365 Government Cloud Community (GCC) High? We can implement the suite for you today! Our experts are equipped to meet the unique challenges associated with successfully implementing GCC High so you don’t have to. After the implementation is complete, our managed services team will be here to assist you. Trust us – a DFARS/NIST 800-171 Compliant Partner – on your journey to compliance!

Microsoft 365 GCC High Cross-Cloud (B2B) Collaboration Update


In this clip from our Q2 2022 Client Only Webinar, Scott Edwards talks about the new cross-cloud or B2B collaboration capabilities within Microsoft 365 GCC High, as well as the steps organizations need to take before implementing uses for the updates. *Configuring Cross-Cloud Collaboration can have significant security and compliance impacts. Ensure you have a well-planned governance and security strategy prior to turning on this capability. For more information or to request a quote for GCC High: 🤍

What is Microsoft 365 GCC & GCC High Webinar


Carl B. Johnson from Cleared Systems gives a high level overview of Microsoft GCC and CC High.

Office 365 GCC High Migration Secrets Exposed


CMMC Registered Practitioner and President of On Call Computer Solutions explains everything you need to know about Office 365 GCC High and migrating to Office 365 GCC High. For more information visit: 🤍 🤍 🤍

How to get GCC High Validation for Microsoft 365


In this talk we reduce the complexity of GCC High validation to three simple steps, with walks-throughs, sample documents, and real life examples. If you have struggled to get Category 3 Validation, or are just getting started on seeking GCC High authorization from Microsoft this 10 minutes could save you a few hours. Read the complete write up on applying for and licensing GCC High on our blog: 🤍

NikTips series: Office 365 Commercial vs GCC vs GCC High


This video points out the differences and potential gotchas for Office 365 GCC and GCC High that IT Pros and Developers working in or moving to Office 365 GCC or GCC High from Office 365 Commercial or SharePoint on-prem should know about. Recorded for the Collab365 Community.

Unified Labeling for Office 365 GCC High


Unified Labeling has yet to hit Government Community Cloud High. Learn what this means for your organization and what you should do in the meantime. What Is Office 365 GCC High? 🤍 What Is Microsoft 365 GCC High? 🤍 For future CS2 Events, check out 🤍 More on AIP - 🤍

The SMB’s Alternative to Microsoft GCC High


If you are interested to learn more about The SMB’s Alternative to Microsoft GCC High check out: 🤍 The video is all about The SMB’s Alternative to Microsoft GCC High but also tries to cover the following subjects: -The challenge Microsoft GCC High presents to most SMBs looking to become CMMC compliant -The difference between PreVeil and Microsoft GCC High - How PreVeil is an affordable, easy to deploy and easy to use alternative to GCC High This YouTube channel has other similar video clips about The SMB’s Alternative to Microsoft GCC High. Please check them out: 🤍 If you were searching for more information about The SMB’s Alternative to Microsoft GCC High did this video help? If you liked this video, please like and comment below and let me know what else I can do to help you with finding an alternative to Microsoft GCC High.

CMMC Recovery (RE) and Microsoft 365 GCC High Backup


Many organizations make a wise business risk decision to backup and/or archive critical information systems. This decision is now non-optional with impending audits coming through the newly released Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (#CMMC). CMMC Level 3 requires backup of information systems housing CUI and critical data sets. Additionally, Aerospace and Defense companies are still required to meet DFARS 7012, and a large portion have trusted Microsoft 365 GCC High (formerly known as Office 365 GCC High) to meet the requirements. With this in mind - it is critical to backup Microsoft 365 GCC High and other information systems, configure your backup environment to NIST 800-171 and meet the reporting requirements of DFARS 7012. One proper path is through a compliant #Backup Solution in Azure Government. This discussion provides a high-level overview of the CMMC #Recovery (RE) requirements and strategies for achieving compliance. For more information covered in this video: Blog: 🤍 Solution: 🤍 CMMC Overview: 🤍 Do You Need GCC High For CMMC? 🤍

First Quarter Updates for Office 365 GCC High


NOTE (06/2019): PowerApps and Flow are still not showing up in GCC High Tenants despite news of availability. It is often an uneasy task to identify all of the updates and changes to Office 365 Government Community Cloud High (GCC High), much less validate them. This video series is intended to keep the community of GCC High users up to date on the latest happenings throughout the platform. This information will not be exhaustive of every update or change, and some bullet points will be outright guesses. Nevertheless, we will try our best to notate where we can. Check out the supporting blog here: 🤍 More about GCC High: 🤍

Microsoft Teams GCC High Capabilities Overview and Roadmap


Two Principal Program Managers from the Microsoft Teams Engineering group, Rima Reyes and Dave Jennings, deliver an update on current capabilities within Microsoft #Teams US Government (GCC High), feature roadmaps, and an overarching look at what's to come on the platform. News and Features Discussed: - Multi Window UI - Presenter View - Meeting Reactions - and much more! Session Presented at CS2 Virtual Conference 🤍 Rima Reyes 🤍 Microsoft Teams in Office 365 GCC High 🤍

Where should I deploy for DFARS 7012 compliance? Office 365 Commercial or Office 365 GCC High?


Microsoft offers multiple SaaS environments to meet the needs of their customers across a wide range of security and compliance needs. We recently completed a webinar to break down the differences, this video and the following blog provide some of the explanations you need. 🤍 Included in the DFARS 7012 clause are some often overlooked requirements that significantly impact how an organization must plan for and execute their compliance strategy. These are labelled in the DFARS Clause as paragraphs (e) and (f). Learn about them in our blog.

Do I need GCC High for CMMC 2.0?


In this video, Daniel Akridge answers the very important question, "Do I need #Microsoft 365 GCC High for the new #CMMC 2.0 Requirements?" He goes into further detail regarding the three new CMMC 2.0 level requirements and which Microsoft offerings will ensure compliance at those levels. Daniel concludes by answer additional frequently asked questions such as, "Can I have Commercial/GCC & #GCC High Licensing in the same tenant?" "Do I have to perform a full migration to move from Commercial/GCC to GCC High?" and "How do I decide which tenant I should migrate to?" For more information on GCC and GCC High for CMMC 2.0 check out this handy resource: 🤍

Office 365 CMMC Compliance | Do You Need Office 365 GCC High for CMMC? - Welcome To 123 CMMC


If you want to discover more about Office 365 GCC High for CMMC, click: 🤍 The video is about Office 365 GCC High for CMMC but also tries to cover the following subjects: - CMMC Compliance - Office 365 CMMC Compliance - GCC High and CMMC Office 365 GCC High for CMMC intrigued me so I did some research and created this YouTube video. - If you would like to find out more regarding CMMC Compliance I recommend you to look into our various other video clips : 🤍 - Now that you have viewed my YT vid about Office 365 GCC High for CMMC did it help? Please 'like' the YT vid to help other people searching for CMMC Compliance or Office 365 CMMC Compliance - Identity Protection Planning was developed to assist small and large organizations with educating and protecting their clients/employees/associates about identity theft protection. In today's technological world identity theft protection is unfortunately, life's newest necessity. IPP developed IDENTRON, a top of market identity theft protection product and service for business owners and association managers to offer to their clients/employees/associates. Understanding that not all business owners or association managers are extremely tech savvy, IPP created IDENTRON with a user friendly software platform that is easy to understand and navigate. IDENTRON identity theft protection plans offer $1 million policy, 24/7 US based ID restoration experts, SSN monitoring, credit monitoring, Dark web scans and much more. Subscribe for more YouTube Videos : 🤍 Share this video with a friend: 🤍 Watch next – 🤍 Recommended Playlist – 🤍 Let’s connect: LinkedIn – 🤍 Facebook – 🤍 Don't forget to visit: 🤍 Madison, Connecticut Feel free to visit our website today at and book a call to learn more! To discuss possible training options....... DM her here Email to: DMantilia🤍 Set up a meeting 🤍

CS2 On Demand: Office 365 GCC High Update 08/2019


Summit 7 recently launched an event series entitled Cloud Security and Compliance Series (CS2) and the CS2 team is creating short videos as an extension of these events. This is the first installment and covers three recent updates to Office 365 GCC High. - External Access for Teams - Availability of Microsoft Defender ATP - Skype and Teams Unified More on CS2: 🤍 More on Office 365 GCC High: 🤍

Office 365 GCC High and NIST 800-171 3.3 Audit and Accountability


Listen to this brief overview describing the ways in which Office 365 GCC High can be configured to meet NIST 800-171 control family 3.3 Audit and Accountability. More about Office 365 GCC High: 🤍

Office 365 Government Cloud Community (GCC) Implementation


Join Steve, Ingram and Cindy as they discuss the newly available GCC cloud environment for Federal, State and Local government.

Everything you want to know about GCC, GCC High, and DOD w/ Blackspoke


About the Session Joaquin Torres is going to dive deep into all of the differences and gotchas about Microsoft's GovClouds, where Microsoft hosts M365. He'll cover GCC, GCC High, and the DOD clouds. About Joaquin Joaquin, VP for Service Delivery, has a 20 year career of providing systems engineering expertise to DOD and Intelligence Community customers. Prior to joining Blackspoke, Joaquin spent four years as Senior Consultant at Microsoft delivering innovative solutions across their entire National Security sector that directly advanced critical mission functions. As the VP of Service Delivery at Blackspoke, Joaquin leads multiple efforts to help customers with Cloud adoption, database hosting at-scale, as well as leading multiple Blackspoke efforts related to Agile Devops and service delivery. He maintains deep industry connections keeping customers at the forefront of key technologies. About Blackspoke Our people (90% of whom have Top Secret or higher clearances) are empowering IC missions with technology. They are running Agile development scrums and taking Cloud technology where it’s never been before. They are building microservice architectures and practicing SecDevOps to bring commercial best practices to a secure computing world. They are bringing the data science and analysis tools to provide answers to questions that previously couldn’t be asked. They are making a measurable difference in a space where that difference really matters. Work for BlackSpoke Positions in Chantilly, VA; Springfield, VA; Arnold, MO; and Annapolis Junction, MD Even if you do not have a TS/SCI and polygraph, they might be able to work with you. Send resumes to recruiting🤍 or call (888) 745-1359. 🤍 #GCC #M365 #DOD

Office 365 Governance - Microsoft Cloud Security


11x Microsoft MVP Ben Curry wraps up the video series with a discussion on modern governance in Office 365 and the components involved (Data Classification, eDiscovery, Logging, Reporting and more). This video is the last of four to comprise a full scope understanding of Microsoft Cloud Security. Check them all out to better understand how cloud security is like an onion! Part 1: 🤍 Part 2: 🤍 Part 3: 🤍 Part 4: 🤍 What is Office 365 GCC High? 🤍 Intro and Outro Music by Mt. Joy

Sharepoint: SharePoint capabilities in Office 365 GCC High


Sharepoint: SharePoint capabilities in Office 365 GCC High Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: 🤍 With thanks & praise to God, and with thanks to the many people who have made this project possible! | Content (except music & images) licensed under CC BY-SA 🤍 | Music: 🤍 | Images: 🤍 & others | With thanks to user Vico (, and the Stack Exchange Network ( Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Disclaimer: All information is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. You are responsible for your own actions. Please contact me if anything is amiss at Roel D.OT VandePaar A.T

“Real life” example of the cost to migrate to GCC High


Good example of the costs a 250-person Defense Industrial Base firm can expect if they choose to move to Microsoft GCC High hosted cloud environment.

CMMC 2 0 and GCC High: Which Microsoft Environment do you need for CMMC 2.0 Compliance?


TLDR: Nothing has changed, if you needed GCC or GCC High before, you still do! However, it is a good time to go back to fundamentals and explain why neither CMMC or NIST 800-171 have a "requirement for environment". Instead, it is DFARS and the TYPE of CUI you manage that dictates which environment you need. For FCI, you need commercial. For unspecified CUI you need GCC. For specified and export controlled CUI, you need GCC High.

New Audio Conferencing & Business Voice features come to GCC-High


Office 365 GCC-High continues its journey toward parity with its Office 365 Public cloud counterpart. Microsoft’s Government Cloud team has been working on successfully completing its roadmap and bringing many new features to GCC-High. One of the more requested features that rolled out a few months ago was Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. This feature allows users to leverage the full Audio Conferencing and Inbound/Outbound calling features that are native in the Microsoft Teams app. KTL Solutions has partnered with CallTower to offer a Direct Routing solution built in Azure Government for GCC-High. In this webinar we will review key compliance issues on this topic and introduce you to this new solution and how you can now bring the full functionality of Audio Conferencing and Business Voice to your GCC-High environment.

Agile IT Selected by Microsoft to Sell Government Community Cloud GCC High Licensing


🤍 San Diego, CA. Mar 25, 2019 - Agile IT — a provider of cloud managed services, business intelligence, and software integration — has become one of only six vendors approved by Microsoft to sell licenses for Office 365 Government Community Cloud High (GCC High) to organizations with fewer than 500 employees, allowing it to expand its government cloud solutions to a broader network of government contractors. San Diego has a rapidly growing military and government contractor population, and Agile IT now has the tools to provide full-scale cloud solutions and GCC migrations to this population — no matter the size of their business or work nature. This means that contractors handling DOD UIC will have the capability to scale to a cloud environment that can handle this information with security and compliance (e.g., NIST 800-53, DFARS 252.204-7012, DOD SRG L5/4, etc.). The upcoming Defense Department Defense Enterprise Office Solutions (DEOS) contract is expected to create increased demand for veteran cloud managed service providers. About Microsoft GCC and GCC High Microsoft's GCC and GCC High solutions help U.S. government agencies and contractors remain productive, secure, and compliance-ready through a highly-secure cloud architecture. While GCC and GCC High mirror many of the commercial cloud offerings, they come with additional features and functionality in a unique environment custom-tailored for government standards. To help the United States government sector meet compliance and regulatory concerns as well as safety protocols, Microsoft developed GCC to deliver its cloud productivity suite, Office 365, to regulated government agencies and contractors. Microsoft GCC High was built to satisfy DOD and government contractors working with DOD Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). While GCC High retains access to the core features that make Office 365 approachable — Skype, Exchange, SharePoint, etc. — there will be minor variations that are necessary to maintain compliance and government-level security. This includes isolated datacenters, additional controls for both Microsoft and client users and multi-factor authentication that's capable of accepting PIV and CAC cards. About Agile IT With headquarters in San Diego, Agile IT has been providing best-of-breed cloud managed services for the past 12 years. Agile IT has various specialties specifically for Microsoft clients, and is a Microsoft partner across multiple channels — including commercial and government. Agile IT was also one of the first commercial partners chosen to work with Azure Government Cloud services — cloud architecture with additional security and government-specific features and compliance.

Planning to build experiences for the US Government Cloud - what are the differences


In this 10-minute developer focused demo, Jay Hanhan delivers a quick introduction to Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC). Compares Commercial and Government cloud - GCC, GCC High and DoD. Reviews differences in security and compliance as well as by product – OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Graph. Capabilities by cloud found in Microsoft 365 Roadmap. Government cloud capabilities are limited. Connect with the Microsoft Federal Teams Developer Community. This PnP Community demo is taken from the weekly Microsoft 365 Platform Community call recorded on December 14, 2021. Demo Presenter: Jay Hangan (Microsoft) Supporting materials: • Roadmap - Microsoft 365 roadmap | 🤍 • Documentation - Office 365 Government | 🤍 Learn more: • Learn more about the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices community at: 🤍 • Visit the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices community YouTube channel: 🤍

CMMC Level 3 Compliance with Microsoft Intune


Microsoft Senior Security Architect and speaker, Matt Soseman, goes in-depth in this video about how Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool that integrates with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, can help your organization meet CMMC Level 3. This video covers the key features of Microsoft Intune and some of the feature variations between the Intune commercial, GCC, and GCC High versions. Matt also demonstrates how Intune’s features can help organizations to meet CMMC Level 3 compliance by breaking down several practices and the features needed to meet them. For example, CMMC practice Access Control (AC) 2.005 requires organizations to provide privacy and security notices consistent with applicable CUI rules. By using the Terms of Service feature and settings, organizations can require users to read and accept a notification before accessing systems and data. This ensures that system-use notification banners and system messages display the legal requirements for the systems and require users to click and agree to the displayed requirements of the system(s) they are accessing each time they logon. #CMMC #MicrosoftIntune #MSDefender #CUI Matt Soseman's YouTube channel: 🤍 Microsoft Intune for GCC High and CMMC Compliance: 🤍

Costs compared – Microsoft GCC high vs. Prevei


There are significant cost saving choosing a solution like Preveil over a solution like Microsoft GCC High. Discover if this kind of cost savings makes sense for you!

Deciphering the Government Cloud Options: Azure Gov, GCC, and GCC-High


Join Coretek's Chris Shalda as he introduces you to the world of Azure government cloud options. Agenda: - Defining the Gov Clouds - Compliance Considerations - Collaboration Considerations - Licensing Options - Which to choose?

What is Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) | How to send encrypted emails in O365 | OME - Part 1


#ome #office365encryption #emailencryption Hi Guys, in this video, you will learn what is Office 365 Message Encryption (OME). What is OME How to enable OME What are RMS Templates How to send encrypted emails from OWA and Outlook Client How recipient will open encrypted emails How to force encryption on all the emails using Mail Flow rules PowerShell commands used in video: Connect to Exchange Online: 🤍 To connect with AAD RMS Module: Connect-AadrmService To Enable Azure RMS service in your tenant : Enable-Aadrm Verify IRM Configuration: Get-IRMConfiguration To List all RMS templates: Get-RMSRemplate To test IRM: Test-IRMConfiguration -sender "email address" Please refer to below videos also: Office 365 Administration = 1. What is Office 365: 🤍 2. Create Office 365 Trial Tenant: 🤍 3. Domains and DNS records in Office 365 (TXT,CNAME,MX). How to add domain in Office 365: 🤍 4. Administrator Roles in Office 365: 🤍 5. User Accounts states in Office 365: 🤍 6. Groups in Office 365 (Part 1): 🤍 7. Groups in Office 365 (Part 2): 🤍 8. Mailboxes in Office 365: 🤍 9. What is Online Archiving and how does it work: 🤍 10. How Retention Tags and Retention Policies work (Part 1): 🤍 11. How Retention Tags and Retention Policies work (Part 2): 🤍 12. How Litigation Hold and Retention Hold work: 🤍 13. Recipient Permissions in Exchange Online (Full Access, Send As, Send On Behalf): 🤍 14. How Email Forwarding works in Exchange Online: 🤍 15. What is Exchange Online Protection (EOP): 🤍 16. How to analyze Email Header: 🤍 17. Mail Flow Rules explained: 🤍 18. What is HRDP (High Risk Delivery Pool): 🤍 19. How to run Message Trace in Exchange Online: 🤍 20: Control Email Forwarding in Office 365: 🤍 21. How SPF (Sender Policy Framework) works: 🤍 22. How DKIM works: 🤍 23. How DMARC works: 🤍 24. How MX (Mail Exchange) works: 🤍 25. What is Autodiscover, how does it work in EXO, Hybrid, On-Premise: 🤍 26. How Public Folders work in Office 365: 🤍 27: Create Public Folders from Exchange Admin Centre: 🤍 28. Create Public Folders using PowerShell: 🤍 29. Public Folder permissions explained: 🤍 30. How to recover Public Folders and Public Folder mailboxes: 🤍 Azure AD Connect Deep-Dive = 1. What is Azure AD Connect: 🤍 2. Azure AD Connect Architecture: 🤍 3. Azure AD Connect pre-requisites: 🤍 4. Azure AD Connect Service Accounts: 🤍 5. Install Azure AD Connect: 🤍 6. How to sync users to Office 365: 🤍 7: Azure AD Connect Sync Scheduler: 🤍 8: Azure AD Connect Declarative Provisioning: 🤍 9: Synchronization Rules Editor in Azure AD Connect (Create custom sync rules): 🤍 10: What is Password Hash synchronization: 🤍 11: What is Pass-Through Authentication: 🤍 12: What is Soft Match and Hard Match in Azure AD Connect: 🤍 ADFS Deep-Dive - Active Directory Federation Service (More videos are being added to playlist) = 1. What is ADFS (Active Directory Federation Service): 🤍 2. ADFS Deployment Methods and Certificate Requirments: 🤍 3. Create SSL Certificate and Install ADFS on Windows Server 2016: 🤍 4. Claims Based Identity Architecture: 🤍 5. ADFS Endpoints: 🤍 6. Relying Party Trust, Claim Issuance Policy: 🤍 7. Claims X Ray Tool: 🤍 8. Federation Metadata and Claims Provider Trust: 🤍 9. Certificates in ADFS: 🤍 10. Authentication Flow in ADFS. Active and Passive Authentication: 🤍 11. What is ADFS Proxy Server. Install ADFS Proxy Server: 🤍

Do You Need GCC High for CMMC? (Agile IT)


In this super short and simple video, we explain what flavor of Microsoft 365 you need for meeting CMMC levels 1-5, and how to tell if you need GCC High for your organization. Read our write up, "Do You Need GCC High for CMMC?" here: 🤍 ✅We will be tackling the following: - Will you need GCC High for CMMC? - How we got to CMMC FCI, CUI CMMC GCC High -You do NOT need GCC High to Meet CMMC if... That’s correct, you do not need GCC High to meet CMMC. There are no requirements in the Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) that require GCC High. HOWEVER, if you handle Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), you will need GCC High. To understand why you need to understand the history of how we got to CMMC. (Watch the video) -Why You Need GCC High If You Handle CUI While you do not need GCC High to meet CMMC at any level, the regulations that require CMMC compliance to protect CUI remain in place and DO require GCC High. Watch our video on how GCC High meets government compliance requirements for more information. -Do You Need GCC High for CMMC Compliance? Agile IT is a CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization and is a Microsoft AOS-G partner capable of licensing, implementing, and managing GCC High. We have moved over 2,000,000 accounts to the cloud, hold over 15 Microsoft Gold Competencies, and have been named a Microsoft Partner of the Year four times. Our government cloud advisory services can help your organization meet CMMC, NIST 800-171, DFARS compliance requirements, and also commercial requirements like CCPA, PCI, and FINRA. To find out how we can help, schedule a meeting or request a quote today. 🔎About Agile IT: Agile IT is a cloud-first managed services company and one of the top 100 Cloud Computing Solutions Providers in the world. A four-time Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year, we offer flexible, best-in-class cloud-managed services that go beyond the IT department. We’re focused on building a community of customers that maximize cloud and SaaS services to drive their businesses through automation, agility, business insight, and productivity. At Agile IT, we help businesses align technical support and business strategy to deliver the right technology at the right time. It’s why we were named to the 2017 CRN Next-Gen 250 list for the second time in four years, an award recognizing companies leading the next generation of IT and bringing key technologies to market before they become mainstream. Headquartered in San Diego, California, we work with education, corporate, government, and nonprofit customers since 2006.

Microsoft Teams for GCC | GCC-High | DoD - overview, why and when to use Teams, and feature roadmap


Thousands of US government agencies at the Local, City, County, State, Federal and even Defense agency level are adopting Microsoft Teams. This quick overview explains why and when to use Microsoft Teams in US Government Clouds.

Streamline your mission with Microsoft 365 Compliance


Protect citizen data and build trust by including data protection and data governance in strategy planning with your CISOs. What actions can you take: 1) know your data and what needs to be protected 2) use unified labeling 3) build an incident response plan with your security team leveraging advanced audit and eDiscovery ► Subscribe to Microsoft 365 on YouTube here: 🤍 ► Follow us on social: LinkedIn: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ► For more about Microsoft 365, visit 🤍

Using Power BI Desktop in Sovereign Clouds (GCC, GCC High and DOD)


This video shows you how you can apply a registry key setting to tell Power BI Desktop to avoid using a commercial discovery endpoint and go directly to the sovereign cloud endpoint for your environment. GitHub write on this below, 🤍 US Government Power BI "Allow List" documentation below, 🤍 Intro: (0:00) Behavior without Registry Key: (1:14) How to Apply Registry Key: (3:24) Behavior after Registry Key: (5:08) Wrap Up: (5:51)

Office 365 Endpoint Security - Microsoft Cloud Security


11x Microsoft MVP Ben Curry continues the video series with a discussion on modern endpoint security in Office 365 and the components involved (MDM, MAM, Microsoft Intune and more). This video is the second of four to comprise a full scope understanding of Microsoft Cloud Security. Check them all out to better understand how cloud security is like an onion! Part 1: 🤍 Part 2: 🤍 Part 3: 🤍 Part 4: 🤍 What is Office 365 GCC High? 🤍 Intro and Outro Music by Mt. Joy

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