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Welcome to Maharlikans Code! This is P O L (Hipolito D. Peligro Jr.) just call me Pol Peligro an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Singapore and works as a Web / Software Developer. I will make tutorial videos that help based on my experience as a software developer most especially for students from the Philippines. My End Game is to produce more Software Developers most especially in my country the Philippines so we can help our country to developed more software that can help our citizens to ease out their online platform needs or even software that can improve the quality of life for our countrymen. Check out the batch of tutorials source codes to my Github. You can support me by shopping at I started uploading tutorial videos on Sep 05, 2020. Email me for any business inquiries:

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RESTful API Folder Structure in Golang

RESTful API Folder Structure in Golang

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