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I earned a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering and a double master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have extensive expertise in developing scalable and high-performance software applications in Python. I have a YouTube channel where I teach people about Data Science, Machine learning, Elastic search, and AWS. I work as data collection and processing Team Lead at Jobtarget where I spent most of my time developing Ingestion Framework and creating microservices and scalable architecture on AWS. I have worked with a massive amount of data which includes creating data lakes (1.2T) optimizing data lakes query by creating a partition and using the right file format and compression. I have also developed and worked on a streaming application for ingesting real-time streams data via kinesis and firehose to elastic search

"software developer" "python engineer" "python developer" "data science" "machine learning" aws ldocker kubernetes

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Audience are the only Relative that I have 

Audience are the only Relative that I have 

Soumil Shah
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Q/A | Office Hours | Ask Questions | 9/18/2022

Q/A | Office Hours | Ask Questions | 9/18/2022

Soumil Shah
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